Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance is the activity that make sure a site functions correctly and is in conformance with organizational standards.

A collective approach oriented on detailed data analysis, collection & monitoring

What brings Evolve Enterprise a proficiency in website designing and development is the astute quality assurance& testing process, we execute on proper intervals to maintain the flow of web designing as well as development of a superior level activity. Our team utilizes time-tested tools, and technologies for bringing intensified efficiency, minimal risks, inexpensive costs, and absolute precision while compiling the entire quality assurance& testing process for clients. It enables us to produce stunning results every time at the time of creating websites, and mobile apps.

Load Testing

Evolve Enterprise empowers your website to handle the maximum amount of traffic. Our website building strategies involve severe quality testing activities that aid the website to govern any number of users visiting it on anytime. The environment or platform, Evolve Enterprise sets for creating websites, will be an ideal one for handling a bulk amount of traffic loads. We conduct testing for websites and applications several times to enable perfect load handling prowess.

Security Testing

Entire security testing of web pages and apps we create will be handled by a specialized team of programmers. Without any faults, they identify and solve security issues that affect the total performance of websites and applications like broken authentications, SQL injection, sensitive data hazards, authorized redirects, cross-site scripting, and all other security vulnerabilities. Detailed security checking empowers our website development to remain clean, and functional.

Testing & Quality Assurance: Fine Aspects

Evolve Enterprise prioritizes security issues and resolves them timely to come up with a desirable end product which is 100% reliable and free from QA bottlenecks.

Manual Testing

Seasoned eyes to bring you 99% bug-free solutions. Get every error on your website or app fixed manually.

Automation Testing

Evolve Enterprise executes accurate automated tools to deliver perfect functioning of features in websites and mobile apps.

Mobile Testing

our mobile testing process encompasses error checks of various kinds on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows so on.

Exceptionally high quality professional services by adding value to your business