AngularJS has become a synonym for developing single page web applications that are responsive, and dynamic in behavior. The two-way data binding structure maintained by Google in the creation of this front-end framework eases the development concerns of many an AngularJS development company. Pure HTML based technologies as if AJAX has the demerit of decoupling enclosed by the client-server. Developers had to spend more time in turning HTML into web-based applications. At this point, AngularJS outshines most of the front-end frameworks. The MVC model happens to be the real game-changer while developing web-applications. AngularJS follows a structure, which is easy to handle DOM elements. If you aspire to have an enterprise-ready, powerful, and scalable business application, AngularJS will help you to create the best.

AngularJS particulars:

  • • Easy to maintain, test, and implement
  • • Rapid web development due to the MVC structure
  • • Weightless codes
  • • Dependency Injection
  • • REST friendliness
  • • Simple to integrate with libraries and back-end codes
  • • Rich in HTML components
  • • Google support& mobile-ready codes
  • • Form Validation

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